REIG JOFRE reaches the milestone of 15 million vials of its intravenous anesthetic sold in Japan

Delegations representing Reig Jofre, Kern Pharma, Maruishi Pharma, and CBC. Barcelona, Spain
  • Collaboration Milestone: REIG JOFRE celebrates 15 million units of its Remifentanil-based anesthetic in Japan in collaboration with Kern Pharma, Maruishi Pharmaceutical, and CBC.
  • Barcelona, a Global Hub: REIG JOFRE’s Barcelona facilities are responsible for 30% of the global supply of Remifentanil-based anesthetic, contributing to hemodynamic stability during surgeries and swift postoperative recovery.
  • Commitment to Internationalization: Expansion serves as a fundamental pillar for REIG JOFRE’s growth, with Asian markets being a strategic geographical area for future business expansion.

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