REIG JOFRE submits press release on the results of the fourth quarter of 2023

REIG JOFRE’s revenues grow 17% and its EBITDA rises 15% at the close of 2023.

REIG JOFRE reaches 316 million euros in sales, 17% higher than the close of 2022. Outstanding year in the Speciality Pharmacare Division and the gradual utilisation of the capacity of the new Barcelona plant. Profitability was also improved, with EBITDA growing by 15% to 35 million euros, compared to 30.4 million euros at the close of the previous year.

The Speciality Pharmacare division, focused on prescription medical products, achieved the highest revenue growth of 31%. The division with the most sales, Pharmaceutical Technologies, focused on injectable products and antibiotics, achieved 11% growth, followed by the Consumer Healthcare division, the consumer products division with the FORTE PHARMA brand in the French, Belgian and Spanish markets, and Reig Jofre’s OTC products, which contributed 10%.

REIG JOFRE has signed an agreement with the EU for the reservation of ever-warm production capacity, that is, non-stop manufacturing of vaccines in the event of a health emergency.

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