Reig Jofre launches Regenail® topical solution for structural nail alterations

Reig Jofre, pharmaceutical company listed on the Spanish stock exchange, launches a new topical development for structural and aesthetic nail alterations. RegeNail® is the first product of the CicloTech® platform, advanced and patented trans-ungual release technology, result of public-private collaborative innovation between REIG JOFRE team and the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Isabel Amat, Director of Innovation of Reig Jofre “The new product of the Specialty Pharmacare, Business Unit is a good example of collaborative innovation, a model that Reig Jofre applies as innovation strategy. Open innovation is a lever for the development of new products with a differentiated and exclusive value proposition”.

The new CicloTech® technology incorporates cyclodextrins as agents that promote the solubility of active ingredients, increasing hydration and facilitating faster healthy nail growth. Crossing the nail plate and achieving sufficient concentrations of active ingredients throughout the nail plate is the main challenge to be solved in topical nail treatment.

Joaquín García-Agustí, Director of the Specialty Pharmacare Business Unit “At Reig Jofre we are committed to health care in dermatology with advanced solutions at the service of the patient. These types of alterations of the nail plate are one of the most recurrent consultations in dermatology, whose European market amounts to 60 million euros. The development of innovative products and their potential internationalization are strategic pillars of growth”

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