Reig Jofre and Zendal appointed by the EU to ensure vaccine production capacity in Europe in case of future health emergencies

The companies REIG JOFRE, (BME:RJF) a pharmaceutical company listed on the Spanish continuous market, and biotechnology company CZ VACCINES, (part of the Zendal group) signed an agreement with the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) to reserve vaccine production capacity.

The European Commission, through HaDEA, initiated a tender process with the aim of securing a manufacturing and supply network across the EU and EEA to ensure early availability of vaccines in case of a public health emergency. The consortium formed by REIG JOFRE and CZ VACCINES has been one of the four final awardees in this process.

The capacity reservation agreement has been signed with an initial duration of four years. HaDEA has the possibility to extend this agreement for two additional periods, for a maximum total duration of eight years.

The combined capabilities of CZ VACCINES and REIG JOFRE, which ensure an integrated manufacturing process from antigen to the final dosage form of the vaccine, along with their demonstrated experience in crisis management and the availability of cutting-edge technology, have been essential factors in their selection as members of this European vaccine manufacturing network. Both companies have committed to producing and delivering the assigned vaccine doses to the EU territory within a twelvemonth timeframe following the activation of an emergency.

CZ VACCINES, part of the Zendal Group, commits to reserving manufacturing capacity in its production area in O Porriño to produce the vaccine active ingredient.

On its part, REIG JOFRE will reserve up to 30% of the maximum annual capacity of its new injectables plant located in Barcelona to meet the program’s requirements.

If the reserved capacity is activated due to an emergency, both companies commit to ensuring the supply chain, conducting the technological transfer of the vaccine chosen by HaDEA, and assigning specifically trained technical personnel to meet the demand.

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