Year 2014: Results note

Following Natraceutical’s closing of 2013 at 31.37 M€ sales and 2.09 profit before taxes, the merger with Reig Jofre sets the new company at 152.49 M€ sales and 9.23 profit before taxes in 2014.

  • The reverse merger conducted between Reig Jofre and Natraceutical with effect December 31, 2014 addressing the accounting standards makes the new company to disclose as profit and loss account for the second half of 2014 and full year 2014 the results corresponding only to the months of October to December 2014 of the former Reig Jofre. Due to a lack of comparability with previous and future years, these results are not attached to the present results note and will be submitted to the public registers of the Spanish Stock Exchange Commission (CNMV).
  • Due to this fact, and for a better understanding of the new perimeter, Reig Jofre reports hereafter a proforma profit and loss account of the merged companies for the period 2012-2014. These data have not been audited.
  • Accoding to these proforma scenario, the new Reig Jofre would have closed the calendar year 2014 with turnover of 152.49 M€ (versus 152,94 M€ in 2013 proforma), EBITDA of 14.97 M€ (versus 18.22 M€) and net profit before taxes of 9.23 M€ (versus 12.01 M€). The year was marked mainly by the merger costs and new investments in R&D and in a new logistic center. Despite the extraordinary ítems in 2014, proforma combination of both businesses shows a very positive interannual evolution for the period 2012-2014, with sales increase of 6.2%, 14.1% in EBITDA and 83.7% in profit before taxes.
  • The balance sheet of the resulting company sets the net financial debt at 14.86 M€, which implies a debt /EBTDA ratio of 1 time.

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