Start of the third Temporary Share Buyback Program

The Programme will be subject to the provisions of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 of 8 March 2016 (the «Regulation») and will have the following characteristics:

  • Purpose: Acquisition of shares to comply with the obligations of the Long-term Loyalty Plan for Directors and Managers of Reig Jofre.
  • Maximum number of shares to be acquired by the Programme: 80,000 (third tranche of the Loyalty Plan).
  • Maximum monetary amount allotted: The shares of this third tranche will be acquired at market price, with a limit of 4.5 euros per share, and as such the maximum monetary amount allocated will be 360,000 euros. .
  • Duration of the Programme: from July 25, 2018 until December 31, 2018, or once all the shares subject to this Programme have been acquired.