Start of coverage through three equity research reports

To provide investors a better knowledge of the company, the sector in which it operates and the capital markets, Reig Jofre informs on the start of coverage through three advisory reports on RJF expected return and a detailed analysis of the company:

  • Intermoney Valores SV is the Investment Services arm of the CIMD Group, specialized in providing institutional and professional clients the access to fixed income and equity markets. Intermoney Valores issued an independent (non-sponsored) research with the recommendation to buy and established the target price of € 3.3 per share.
  • Solventis, an independent financial group founded by a team of professionals with backgrounds in different areas of the investment banking sector, issued a sponsored research with a target price of € 3.15 per share.
  • Bankinter Securities, the bank’s securities firm, established the target price per share at € 3.30 in its sponsored research. Bankinter Securities offer its partners and institutional investors access to a wide financial services range, both domestically and internationally.