Results note: First quarter 2018

Reig Jofre closes the first quarter of 2018 with sales growth of 6% and net profit of 8%

  • The company reached a turnover of € 46.54 M (+6.4%), driven by the growth of the lines of antibiotics (+16%) and nutritional supplements (+39%). EBITDA stood at € 4.7M (+10.7%)
  • The restoration of production volumes of the antibiotic range allowed to consolidate the growth trend, started in the last two quarters of 2017
  • The new launches of the French subsidiary Forté Pharma at the end of 2017, allowed to achieve an excellent sales progression in France and Belgium, mainly
  • Net debt stood at € 21M, representing a net debt/EBITDA ratio of 1.3. The investments made in this first quarter and the increase in current assets derived from the sales growth impacted the cash position
  • Investments in the first quarter of 2018 reached € 5.4M. The start-up of the new line of antibiotics at the Toledo plant is about to conclude, while the investment in the new sterile injectable zone in Barcelona begins

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