Resignation of Ibersuizas and Mª Teresa Lozano from the board of directors

On January 7 and 8, respectively, Mrs. Mª Teresa Lozano -appointed in February 2011 upon the proposal of the shareholder Kutxabank, SA- and Ibersuizas Alfa, SLU submitted to the chairman of the board of Natraceutical, S.A. their resignation as directors.

The resignation of Ibersuizas follows their divestment in Natraceutical and that of Kutxabank responds to their decision to consider the shareholding in Natraceutical as non-strategic on a long-term basis and to their willingness to conduct an orderly divestment.

The board of directors of Natraceutical, SA is now comprised as follows:

  • Chairman: Natra, SA, represented by Mr. Galo Alvarez
  • Vice-chairman: Mr. Felix Revuelta, representing the Kiluva group
  • CEO: Mr. François Gaydier
  • Mr. Juan I. Egaña, proposed by Natra, SA
  • BMS Promoción y Desarrollo, S.L., represented by Mr. Jose L. Navarro
  • Independent director: Mrs. Brenda McCabe

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