Report on the increase of the Company’s share capital

Reig Jofre informs that the Company’s Board of Directors agreed to increase the Company’s share capital with the exclusion of the preferential subscription right, in a maximum amount of euros 25,000,000, with the issue and release of up to 10,775,862 ordinary shares at a price of euros 0.50 par value, at a price between euros 2.32 and euros 2.60 each. The minimum number of shares to be issued, if the maximum price of euros 2.60 is finally used, is 9,615,384 shares.

The placement -which has been executed by Solventis AV, through the procedure of prospecting the demand and private placement among qualified investors- will end on June 13, 2019 and as a result of it the investors have committed to subscribe 10,000,000 new shares for a total cash amount of euros 24,000,000, corresponding to euros 0.50 at par value and euros 1.90 to issue premium (that is, for an issue price of euros 2.40 per share).

After the Capital Increase, the new shares issued represent 13.1% of the Company’s share capital and 15.1% of the pre-existing share capital before the capital increase.

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