REIG JOFRE submits results note on fourth quarter of 2022

REIG JOFRE grew by 15% in revenues and by 11% in EBITDA at year-end 2022.

REIG JOFRE closes 2022 with revenues of 271 million euros. The recovery of the antibiotic market is confirmed and the new injectable plant in Barcelona starts manufacturing on an industrial scale.

REIG JOFRE reaches 271 million euros in sales, a 15% increase over the year 2021, in which growth had been 3%. An outstanding year in the Pharmaceutical Technologies Division, in a context of increased demand, and which also makes it possible to take advantage of the new manufacturing capacity. The strong growth in Consumer Healthcare sales is also confirmed. EBITDA grew by 11%, reaching €30.4 M at the end of 2022 compared to €27.3 M in the previous year.

The largest unit, Pharmaceutical Technologies, dedicated to injectable products and antibiotics, achieved the highest growth, 20%. The Specialty Pharmacare unit, focused on prescription medical products, closed with a 7% increase in revenue, and Consumer Healthcare, the consumer products unit, grows 16% in both the FORTE PHARMA brand in the French, Belgian and Spanish markets, as well as in OTC products, whose sales are focused on Spain.

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