Reig Jofre starts marketing its products in South Korea

  • Agreement signed for the license and supply in South Korea of remifentanil, a state-of-the-art anesthetic for hospital use. Reig Jofre is one of the largest producers of remifentanil worldwide
  • Following the opening of the markets of Japan in 2016, the Philippines in 2017 and Indonesia in 2018, Reig Jofre goes one step further in its strategic internationalization plan with the start of marketing in Korea in 2019, a country with a long pharmaceutical tradition, thanks to its important industrial network and governmental initiatives

The stock-quoted pharmaceutical company Reig Jofre starts marketing in Korea the injectable remifentanil, a state-of-the-art anesthetic for hospital use, which has been very well received among specialist doctors.

The marketing of remifentanil has been possible following a rigorous registration process lasting more than two years, subject to complex regulatory requirements for the manufacture, importation and distribution of controlled substances and after approval of the production plant by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).

Korea, with a population of 51 million inhabitants, is the third largest market in Asia and thirteenth worldwide, with an important pharmaceutical tradition thanks to its large industrial network and governmental initiatives.

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