Reig Jofre closes the first half of 2019 with a sales growth of 3% and EBITDA of 6%

  • The sales growth allowed the turnover to reach € 92.8M (+3%) driven by the evolution of the areas of Consumer Healthcare (+ 17%). In terms of geographical areas, the good performance of the market in Europe stands out, with growth above 5% in the first half
  • The Consumer Healthcare area, mainly comprised by the subsidiary of nutritional supplements Forté Pharma, achieved a solid growth thanks to the good evolution of the energy, health and weight control ranges. The line of other OTC products also showed a positive trend (+ 10%)
  • Reig Jofre acquired the Health and Pain Division of Bioibérica, S.A. on July 1, 2019. This acquisition will contribute annual sales of around € 26 M (€ 24 M in specialty products and € 2 M in Consumer Healthcare). The closing of the first half does not therefore reflect impacts of this operation on the Balance Sheet or the Income Statement. In 2019, the impact on Reig Jofre’s sales and results will therefore correspond to the activity of the second half
  • Gross margin and comparable adjusted EBITDA have respectively achieved growth of 5% and 6% compared to the same period of previous year, thanks to the greater growth of the consumer healthcare area