Reig Jofre awarded for the “Promotion of biomedical R&D+i” by the research that led to Gynec®-DX, and it keeps working to expand its diagnosis scope

Reig Jofre has been recognized by the research that led to GynEC®-DX, first molecular diagnostic test for early detection of endometrial cancer, with the prize to the promotion of biomedical R & D + i awarded by the magazine  New Medical Economics.

This award coincides with the presentation of the 2016 Oncology Guide for Endometrial Cancer by SEGO, which for the first time it mentions the higher effectiveness of GynEC®-DX versus conventional diagnostic techniques.

GynEC®-DX, own development of Reig Jofre’s R&D team, is the first diagnostic kit in the world based on the identification of biomarkers, which has been the subject of several national and international publications, as well as a first PhD thesis.

Currently, Reig Jofre works in the PredictGyn project for this medical device to be able to diagnose endometrial cancer in addition to predict the aggressiveness of the tumor.

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