New corporate website

Natraceutical renews its corporate website following the divestment from the ingredients industry and its full focus on Forté Pharma.

Natraceutical has got as of today a new corporate website:, which replaces the current one up to date (

Through this new site, the company aims to reflect Natraceutical’s new reality after the major changes in recent months, i.e.: full divestment from the ingredients industry following the placement of the shareholding in French multinational Naturex; cancellation of the entire syndicated loan and full focus on the development of Forté Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical laboratory in France in the food supplements sector.

With a simple content structure, the new website offers a very intuitive navigation through Natraceutical’s reality today and that of its subsidiary Forté Pharma, as well as a specific section for investors and a news feed to which the reader can subscribe through the subscription center on the home page.

The new site has also been adapted to mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.).

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