Forté Pharma launches Expert Anti-chute in its main european markets

  • Forté Pharma expands the beauty range with Expert Anti-chute, a nutritional supplement for hormonal hair loss
  • Expert Anti-chute provides the double action of slowing hair loss and stimulating its growth

Forté Pharma, Reig Jofre’s nutritional supplements line, extends the hairline of the beauty range with the launch of Expert Anti-chute, a new hair care supplement in a single tablet for hormonal hair loss, especially recommended in male hereditary alopecia, female alopecia due to hormonal changes or prolonged stress, and alopecia areata.

Its advanced formula, result of Forté Pharma’s R&D team research, provides the double action of helping regulate hyper-seborrhea, causative factor of hair follicle weakening and of boosting the growth. The unique and synergistic combination and the high concentration of its natural-origin ingredients contributes to nourish the capillary bulb, activate the microcirculation and protect from the oxidation derived from free radicals.

Forté Pharma launched Expert Anti-chute in Spain, France, Belgium and Portugal, main markets of the company and contemplates its future expansion to other markets where the brand is present.

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