Execution of the scrip dividend

Reig Jofre informs about the distribution of a dividend in the form of scrip dividend.

  • Today, May 6, 2019, the announcement of the execution of the capital increase by issue of bonus shares has been published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry (BORME).
  • The Company’s shareholders who are legitimated as such in the accounting records of Iberclear, the Spanish Central Securities Depository, at 23.59 hours of today, May 6, 2019 will receive a free allotment right for each of their shares in the Company.
  • The free allotment rights will begin the trading period tomorrow, May 7, 2019, at which time the value of the rights will be split from the value of the shares and both will be listed separately for a period of 15 calendar days.
  • Following the allotment of rights, shareholder will be able to choose the following alternatives:
    • To redeem the rights for new shares. The number of free allotment rights necessary to receive a new share will be 56.
    • To receive cash by selling the rights to the Company at a fixed price. The price at which the Company has committed to purchase the free allotment rights has been determined in a fixed gross amount of 0.045 euros per right.
    • To receive cash by selling the rights in the market. The term of negotiation of the free allotment rights will be 15 calendar days, which will take place from May 7 to 21, 2019.
    • Combine all or part of the above options.
  • In case of opting to receive cash through the total or partial sale of rights to the Company, shareholders must communicate their decision to their depositary entity before the close of the market on May 18. If no instructions are given, the default option will be the exchange of free allotment rights for new shares.

The Company will inform in due course of new relevant milestones throughout the process of execution of the flexible dividend.

Download the full document (PDF)