Capital reduction

In compliance with Article 319 of the Corporate Enterprises Act, it is made public that the Company’s Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on June 22, 2016 agreed, by the statutorily-required majority, to reduce the Company’s share capital by a total amount of 94,821,330.00 Euros, in order to create a voluntary reserve.

The capital reduction is to be implemented by reducing the par value of all the 63,214,220 nominative shares representing the Company’s share capital by 1.50 Euros each, resulting in a new par value for each share of 0.50 Euros.

As a result of the above, the Company’s share capital, which previously amounted to 126,428,440.00 Euros, is established at the amount of 31,607,110.00 Euros, represented by 63,214,220 shares of 0.50 Euros par value each.

For this purpose, express mention is made of the right of opposition held by the Company’s creditors in accordance with Articles 334 and following of the Corporate Enterprises Act. The right of opposition must be exercised within one month as of the date of publication of the last announcement of the reduction agreement.

Sant Joan Despi (Barcelona), June 29, 2016.- The Chair of the Company’s Board of Directors, Isabel Reig Lopez, in their capacity as individual representative of the company «Reig Jofre Investments, SL»