Appointment of Mr. Alejandro Garcia Reig, as Vice President of Reig Jofre

Reig Jofre informs on the appointment of Mr. Alejandro Garcia Reig, as Vice President of Reig Jofre.

Alejandro Garcia Reig, member of the third generation of the Reig family in front of the business, holds a Degree in Business Studies from the University of Barcelona and since 1992 he has worked in the financial department of Reig Jofre

Alejandro García Reig has been a member of the Board of Directors of Reig Jofre since 2002, and was re-elected as a director of the new Reig Jofre, after its merger with Natraceutical, in December 2015.

The appointment of Alejandro García Reig as Vice President of the Company is a response to the desire to give greater support to the presidency in the institutional relations between Reig Jofre and its stakeholders, as well as the need to reinforce the execution of initiatives promoted from the Board of Directors, in matters such as the management structure and the governing bodies, the shareholder composition and the liquidity of the stock, and the corporate social responsibility, among others.

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