Allocation of treasury stock to the acquisition of Biotech Geadic

Following the acquisition of Biotech Geadic, Reig Jofre informs:

  • In relation to the takeover of Reig Jofre in Geadic Biotech, head of GynEC®-DX, a test of molecular diagnosis for the early detection of endometrial cancer, the Company committed to deliver 221,518 shares of Reig Jofre to Inveready Technology Investment Group and a group of former minority shareholders in Geadic Biotech.
  • Given the surplus balance in the securities account linked to the Liquidity Contract the Company signed with Solventis AV SA, Reig Jofre shall reduce in 221,518 the number of treasury shares related to the liquidity contract, in order to meet that commitment.
  • After that, and dated today, the balance of the securities account linked to the liquidity contract shall be settled at 45,479 shares.
  • In view of the provisions of Circular 3/2007 of 19 December, by the CNMV, on Liquidity Contracts, in order to maintain proportionality between the balances of the securities account and the cash account, the cash account linked to the contract shall be set at 136,014.45 euros.

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