2012 1Q: Results note

Forté Pharma enhances Natraceutical results by increasing 56% in EBITDA and 64% in net profit

  • Forté Pharma, the industrial business of Natraceutical, closed the first quarter with a net profit of 1.33 M €, an increase of 64.2% compared to 2011 Q1, driven by the recovery of business operations which placed the company’s EBITDA at 2.33 M €, compared to 1.49 M € last year (+56.4%). Forté Pharma’s revenue recede 18.7% up to March 2012, strongly influenced by the specific drop in sales of one of the products in the weight control range. Excluding this circumstance, the company’s sales had remained at similar levels to last year.
  • On a consolidated basis, Natraceutical closed the first quarter of the year with sales of 9.47 M € (-19.6%), EBITDA of 1.81 M € (+64.7%) and a net profit of 2.09 M €, compared to 2.24 M € for the first quarter of 2011, a difference due to the effect of capital gains from the sales of the stake in Naturex. Regardless of these gains in 2011, the net result of Natraceutical in this first quarter grew 71.3%.
  • Over the past twelve months, Natraceutical reduced its financial leverage in 30,43 M €. The financial debt on March 31 stood at 59.61 million euros.

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