The subsidiary Reig Jofre Europe begins the marketing of its products in Myanmar

  • Reig Jofre Europe, a subsidiary of Reig Jofre established in Singapore to facilitate the company’s expansion in Southeast Asia, launches two injectable products in Myanmar, with its own brand products VancoSala 500 mg and Salaclav 1.2
  • After the opening of markets in Japan in 2016, the Philippines in 2017, Indonesia in 2018, and Korea in early 2019, Reig Jofre takes another step in its strategic internationalization plan with the commercialization of its products in Myanmar, a country with 54 million inhabitants located in Southeast Asia

Reig Jofre, a pharmaceutical company listed on the Spanish continuous market, launches VancoSala and Salaclav, two injectable antibiotics for hospital use to combat a broad spectrum of bacterial infections, in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

These pharmaceutical products represent successful cases of specialization in sterile injectables in the area of pharmaceutical technologies, in which the dominance of pharmaceutical platforms in the production of medicines provides an added value of safety with European quality.

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