Reig Jofre is committed to open innovation to add the best experts from around the world to our development teams, establishing synergies that provide innovative solutions in our therapeutic and technological areas.

We have an ecosystem of collaborations with public research centers, hospitals, innovative start-ups, as well as other pharmaceutical companies:

We mainly collaborate with:

  • Universities of Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, y Navarra
  • Technological institutes and center: Letitat, Carlos III Research Institute, Parc Taulí Research Institute,
  • Hospitals
  • Start-ups: Ojer pharma, Manremys, Vytrus, Vaxdyn, VCN, Bionanoplus, CIMAB
  • Public-private consortiums in collaboration projects RETOs and CDTIs.
  • Industrial partners at Archivel Farma and Bionure, Vaxdyn and Leanbio

Syna Therapeutics:

  • Joint Venture created together with LeanBio for the development of biosimilars.