Reig Jofre releases third quarter 2018 results note

Reig Jofre maintains a strong investment rate, increases sales by 12% and EBITDA by 21%, at the end of the third quarter

  • The company reached €133 M in sales (+ 12%), confirming the trend of previous quarters, thanks to the good performance of the Spanish market and the sustained growth of its nutritional supplements line in its main markets (+ 47%)
  • EBITDA stood at €11 M (+ 21%) and net result at €4.2 M, with +30% growth
  • Operating expenses increased 13% with respect to previous year maintaining the trend of the year, due to the increase in marketing expenses of the nutritional supplements’ division and higher R&D expenses associated with innovative projects
  • Total investment in the first nine months of the year amounted to €14.8 M. The progress of the new facilities construction at the Barcelona plant; the completion of the Toledo plant expansion; and the adaptation to the European Directive EU 2011/62 for the prevention of counterfeit medicines are the main projects of this year. Investment in R&D stood at €3.6 M
  • The advance of investments impacted, as expected, in the levels of bank debt. Net debt stood at €23.3 M from €18.3 M at the end of 2017
  • The Company initiated also the shares buyback program linked to the long-term loyalty plan for the executive team

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