Reig Jofre launch in collaboration with Kimia Farma, Remikaf, a last generation anesthetic in Indonesia

  • Agreement signed with Kimia Farma to market in Indonesia Remikaf, a state-of-the-art anesthetic based on remifentanil, an innovative compound for physicians in Indonesia
  • Reig Jofre presented Remikaf at the annual conference of anesthesia specialists KPPIA Perdatin 2018 (Kursus Penyegaran dan Penambah Ilmu Anesthesia) held in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
  • After the opening of the markets of Japan in 2016 and the Philippines in 2017, Reig Jofre goes one step further in its strategic internationalization plan with the opening of the Indonesian market in 2018 which, with more than 260 million inhabitants, is the fourth most populated country in the world. Asia and Oceania remain strategic geographic areas for the company, representing 11% of sales in 2017